Scallop season

November has traditionally been the time of year our West Cork and Kerry wild scallops come into season.  They are collected from local fishermen and processed here in our factory, a few kilometres  outside of Kenmare.  After trimming and de-shelling the scallops, they are then vacuum packed and are ready for the markets.

Scallops are incredibly easy to cook.  Simply add to a hot pan with some butter, a sprinkle of seasoning, garlic and a splash of white wine.  Cook until golden brown and turn once.  They are very versatile and can be baked, fried or steamed.  Scallops pair well with mushrooms, artichokes, garlic, bacon and cheese.  So you can have a lot of fun experimenting with different recipes.

Our traditional Irish smoked salmon


The month leading up to Christmas is the busiest time of the year for smoked salmon.  Our master smokers are working around the clock, fulfilling orders which get shipped all over Ireland and Europe.  Our process of smoking salmon hasn’t changed much in the past 30 years.  We have the same smoker since day one and this gives its own unique aroma to the salmon.  While there are more modern smokers on the market now that’ll do the job in a quarter of the time, we believe in the slow cooking method over 16 hours to give a truly excellent finish to the produce.  So try some for yourself this Christmas.